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Flight Information Displays With Web Tools

The time of airport displaying their basic schedule without updates online has come and gone. Travellers expect to find regularly updated flight status information well before they reach the airport terminal.

Information about cancelled and radically delayed flights can save users time and money along with amazing customer satisfaction. These days, airports are having to compete with one another for customers whether by price, restuarants, shopping, proximity to attractions and now FIDS availability. delayed flight

Companies like have developed completely web-based fids system which integrated both on airport web sites and in their terminals to provide users with the same accurate information in both places.

Tools have been added to FIDS online which include graphical maps of flight status, weather details about destinations and notification systems which send flight status to passenger cell phones and email addresses.

Within airport terminals, Flight Information Display Systems must meet many standards. Systems like can offer carrier logos, Flight number, Scheduled arrival and departure times, status details, destination weather information in text or graphic formats and much more.

The iFIDS system allows airport personnel to modifiy flight status in under 15 seconds form any internet inabled computer, anywhere in the world. If this is not fast enough, many carriers partner with to provide automatic flight updates of real-time flight data.

With these user tools in place, the airport authorities must look for measures to make the systems affordable in their budgets. Because this particular system is web-based, it requires very few equipment components in the terminal, no software or programming to integrate into websites and has the opportunity for revenue generation through on screen advertising.

Each page of this FIDS is actually a web page, hosted by and the airport authority is given a licensed browser design software package that allows the client to easily modify the page design to look and feel the way the airport thinks users will appreciate the most. They have the ability to indude framed or full page ads and text messages in many formats including animated gifs and flash movies

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