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How to Play Sports Betting – Beginner Tips & Rules


Sports betting is one of the most affordable methods of entertainment. Starting from only 10 lei, the minimum deposit at some online agencies, a skilled gambler can have adrenaline for a long time.

In แทงบอลออนไลน์ , it is possible to win money “from the bottom”. This requires discipline, knowledge of the sport you are betting on, inspiration and, of course, luck.

If you are a beginner, the first piece of advice is not to expect to get rich overnight. Such a premise does not bring anything good, but only disappointments that will affect you mentally and, therefore, will prevent you from making the right decisions.

How quotas work

Among the first things a beginner bettor needs to understand is the odds, how they work and how they are calculated. Not only will it help you know how likely an event is to happen (for example: the result of a football/tennis match), but a quota also reflects what your potential winnings are.

Read this guide to What do the odds mean and how is it calculated?.

How to choose the right online bookmaker

The first set of tips is about choosing an online sports betting agency. It is about online because there are the best chances to make a profit.

First, make a shortlist of the most serious bookmakers. Top operators are easy to identify if you go to accredited sites and write about gambling. The first 4 agencies have on their platforms approximately 90% of the Romanian bettors.

Compare sports offers. Starting from the short list of operators, compare the sports offers, referring both to the number of sports and competitions covered, as well as to the number and diversity of betting options for the matches that interest you.

Compare odds. One of the basic rules in betting is to bet on the highest odds. It goes without saying that you need to have accounts with the agencies that are best in this regard. You can identify them by comparing the odds offered by the top operators for the same betting selections.

Analyze promotional offers. Promotional offers do not have to be decisive in choosing a particular bookmaker. In the long run, the above criteria are more important, but they can influence the decision. Depending on the bonus offered and the turnover requirements, you can start your betting “career” with an advantage.







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